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November 20, 2019

UTMB 2020

Become a solidarity trailer

on the UTMB 2020



Since the beginning of its history, UTMB® has always wanted to combine the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity.

The race has therefore developed several fundraising schemes for partner charities. Runners can support one of the partner associations by making a donation of €2000, paid directly or through patrons (individuals or private).

For the runner, it is the possibility of guaranteeing his registration in one of the races (in compliance with the regulations in force).

The Foundation of the Academy of Medicine has for several years integrated the actions carried out by the Life Graft Foundation, dedicated to organ donation.

So do as Guilhem, Paul-Emmanuel, Douglas, Claire, Loïc, Vincent, Olivier, Pierre-Yves, Jocelyne, Alexandre, Hugues, Pierre, Guillaume who supported us in 2019!

Supporting us means supporting the cause of organ donation and fighting for better medicine in the world.

Practical information:

The opening dates are from December 3 to 16, 2019.

-the runner goes to his runner area and clicks on Reserve a solidarity/health/environment bib, then chooses the association he wishes to support as well as the race on which he wishes to run.

-Once the bib has been reserved, the donor then has one week to pay the chosen association a donation of €2000 in one go to confirm the bib reservation, via a platform communicated by the association.

-the latter notifies the UTMB® once the payment has been made.

-the UTMB® then contacts the runner to give him the special registration procedure.

-As our 2 foundations are recognized as being of Public Utility, this will allow you to benefit from the 66% tax reduction on the amount of your donation, within the limit of 20% of your income. If you represent a company, the tax receipt will allow you to deduct 60% of the amount of the donation from your corporate tax. This tax receipt will be given to you once the donation has been confirmed.

In the event that the donation is not made within the time limit, the bib will be put back into play.

NB: in the event that the maximum quota of solidary bibs is reached, the additional bookings will be put on the waiting list. Runners on the waiting list will be likely to be contacted by the organisation between 23 December and 8 January.

Important: A registration via a solidarity/health/environment bib is subject to the same rules as a normal registration (qualifying points, registration fee, etc.) with the difference that the runner does not go through the draw.

Under no circumstances will the donor be able to recover all or part of his donation. From the moment the rider registers, he depends on the same race rules as all the others, including if he cancels his registration, he will be reimbursed a variable sum according to the date of cancellation (see race rules).

To book your solidarity bib, please contact Charles Sourice
Charles Sourice – +33 7 86 31 31 31 82 – +33 1 42 02 70 79 – [email protected]

More information:
on the UTMB solidarity bibs page | | @FAM_foundation

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Relive the UTMB 2019 with our solidarity trailers

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