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The Foundation has been officially recognized by French Authorities of public interest since 26 December 2013, the mission of the French Academy of Medicine Foundation (Fondation de l’Académie Médecine, FAM) is to promote partnerships between French medicine and medicine from all over the world, and thus accelerate the spread of advanced medical practices at an international level. Its action is based on increased collaboration with Academies of Medicine or their equivalents. As a result, it contributes to the spread of French medicine abroad and, by extension, to the image of France.

The Foundation’s ambition is thus to contribute to improving health around the world as much as possible.


The Forums

The Foundation, along with local academic partners in the host countries, organises Forums focusing on public health and medical innovation, encouraging the development of exchanges based on jointly selected themes of common interest. These events are open to a wide audience, and are highly publicised and interactive online.

They are intended to be the starting point for developing long-term medical relationships, based on the implementation of jointly developed public health recommendations.

International events in France

The Foundation contributes to the influence of French medicine in its own territory by supporting events of international importance in France. For this purpose, it participates in organising the annual FEAM (Fédération européenne des Académies de Médecine [Federation of European Academies of Medicine]) symposium on adolescent health.

It is also involved in the French-Mexican Health Conferences organised by the two countries’ Ministries of Health for the Mexican President’s visit to Paris in July 2015.

On a sporting level, it is also present at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc through the use of charity bibs.

High Patronage

The Foundation proposes granting its High Patronage to activities of medical, university and training cooperation, to be held abroad but organised from France. Its objective is to promote these activities through this label, allowing them to benefit from the association with the Foundation and that of the French Academy of Medicine.

This High Patronage contributes to the federation of these cooperative activities, thus promoting French medicine around the world.

Digital strategy

A constant digital presence is being progressively established by the Foundation to give the public access to all of the presentations made at forums. This will also facilitate and foster exchanges between specialists and practitioners.

This will create networks to support the Foundation’s initiatives from one Forum to the next and maintain a presence in the countries visited. Its long-term objective is to set up communities of practice.